IFAD side event in the COP26

“Mobile pastoralism for climate change mitigation, ecosystem restoration and resilient food systems”

IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) organised an event at their pavilion inside the COP26 on 6th November. Sustainable Pastoralism generates wealth at the cost of none and to the benefit of all. Pastoralists are strong allies who may play a vital role regarding global challenges, especially climate change. Recognizing the value of livestock mobility is essential to maintain healthy rangelands, resilience of both livelihoods and ecosystems in the face of climate change and disasters. At the event, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Antonio Rota (online), Anders Oskal, Ms. Saoudata Walet Aboubacrine (online), Benjamin Beyeza-Mutambukah, Ykhanbai Khijaba y Agnes Leina raised awareness of pastoralist issues worldwide and of sustainable pastoralism as a form of climate change mitigation, ecosystem restoration and resilient food systems. We need to fill knowledge gaps about appropriate policies and legislation for recognizing pastoralist and agro-pastoralist rights, strengthening national policy and legal frameworks and about their key role in improving the environment, enhancing biodiversity and reducing climate impacts, and their contribution to national and regional economies.