Members and governance

WAMIP family constitutes 200 members in 48 countries since its establishment in 2003.WAMIP is a world-wide alliance of indigenous peoples, tribes and communities whose link with the territory and the natural resources is characterised by mobility– a strategy for both the livelihoods and conservation of natural resources, and a crucial element of cultural identity.

WAMIP’s membership is organised in a two-tiered system including “Members” and “Supporting Members”. Members are customary groupings of mobile indigenous peoples (MIPs) .MIPs and their sub-groupings can adhere through their associations and organisations working with MIPs who are controlled by, and respectful of their values and interests as demonstrated by an appropriate process of legitimisation and accountability. 

The membership for supporting members is available to all interested individuals and organisations that explicitly adhere to the definition of MIPs and the mission of WAMIP, and have a work record on issues related to MIPs, although do not fulfil the criteria for Member status

Members conform the General Assembly and are organised via their geographical regions. Each region chooses 9 councillors with gender parity. 

The Regional Councillors define 2 representatives to be at the Steering Committee for everyday decissions and implement the Action Plan. They have Global Coordinator / Secretary / Facillitator with the tasks of chairing and spokesperson and administrative work when required.  The SC meets monthly via skype. 

The Council and General Assembly meeting would happen ideally every three years or when resources and support are found for it.

Please write to WAMIP secretariat at for the membership forms and more details on membership process.